Failed spinal surgery has become a more commonly occurring syndrome among patients who have previously undergone surgery for their spinal condition.

Issues with failed surgeries usually arise when traditional, more invasive surgical approaches were used previously.

If a prior surgery fails to alleviate the patient’s pain and other symptoms, or the patient’s condition deteriorates after previous surgery, it is possible that the condition could have been inaccurately treated.

How do I know if my previous surgery failed?

Failed spinal treatments can be the result of a number of issues: misdiagnosis of a condition, ineffective or inaccurate treatment for the condition, or inexperience on the doctor’s part.

Symptoms of a failed spinal surgery can include:
• Pain that worsens or is only partially relieved
• A change in your spine’s range of motion or flexibility

It is important to consult with your doctor or seek another opinion if you think that you have experienced a failed spinal surgery.

What is the right treatment for me?

An incorrect diagnosis, lack of experience, or even surgical accidents can result in a failed back or neck surgery. To correct the effects of failed previous surgery, you should seek a new diagnosis or second opinion.

If you are worried that you might be experiencing the results of failed surgery, make an appointment for a consultation with Alexander Bone and Spine Institute, and we can discuss a corrective treatment for your symptoms.

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