Lower back pain is known as the number one cause of disability worldwide, with millions of working Americans reporting the condition each year. Your back pain may be acute or chronic, but depending on the factors surrounding your condition, you could experience a variety of lower back pain symptoms.

What might be causing my lower back pain?

The kind of lower back pain that you experience can depend on a few variables.

Some patients at Alexander Bone and Spine Institute experience a sharp pain when they move around, while others have a dull kind of pain that changes in intensity. Some patients experience muscle cramping or stiffness, and the pain can occasionally move to other areas of the body. Your pain maybe also be accompanied by numbness or tingling in the extremities.

It can be helpful to record the kind of pain you experience and its frequency. This kind of information is helpful for our team, to help ensure that we give you the right diagnosis and best treatment available for your condition.

What is the right treatment for me?

There are a host of spinal conditions that can lead to lower back pain, including injury, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and osteoarthritis.

If your pain is temporary or mild, you should consider a conservative treatment to eliminate your symptoms. Treatment options can include physical therapy, pain medication, and in some cases, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to prevent further deterioration of your condition.

You should consult with a specialist if more conservative methods fail to alleviate your lower back pain symptoms.

Alexander Bone and Spine Institute offers minimally invasive treatment options that can help relieve symptoms and get you feeling back to normal as soon as possible.

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