What could I experience up to four hours after the procedure?

• Arm or leg muscle weakness or numbness may occur due to the local anesthetic, effecting the nerves that control your arms or legs (This is a temporary effect and it is not paralysis.). If you have any leg weakness or numbness, walk only with assistance in order to prevent falls and injury. Your arm or leg strength will return slowly and completely.
• Dizziness may occur due to a decrease in your blood pressure. If this occurs, remain in a seated or lying position. Gradually sit up and then stand after at least 10 minutes of sitting.
• Mild headaches may occur. Drink fluids and take pain medications if needed. If the headaches persist or become severe, call the office.
• Moderate to severe discomfort at the injection site can occur. This can last for a couple weeks or longer, due to inflammation of ablated nerve(s). If this occurs, take anti-inflammatories or pain medications and apply ice to the area the day of the procedure. If it persists, apply moist heat in the day(s) following. The nerve(s) will heal slowly and the inflammation will resolve, leading to resolution of this pain caused by the procedure.

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