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A facet fusion procedure is a kind of surgical treatment for facet pain.

Facet pain can develop over the years as your spine’s facet joints begin to break down through normal wear and tear, or even a single traumatic episode. Facet pain is more commonly found in the areas of the spine where there is more movement, and usually occurs in the neck or lower back.

A facet fusion is performed to help stabilize the facet joint and stop it from rubbing the nerve, thus stopping the pain. This minimally invasive endoscopic approach allows for a quicker recovery time than traditional open back surgery.

Is A Facet Fusion Right for Me?

A facet fusion is a treatment used to relieve a patient’s chronic facet pain when more conservative approaches aren’t helping. Dr. Alexander may recommend this procedure for patients who experience:

• Spinal instability, as a result of degenerative diseases like arthritis
• Spinal deformities
• Vertebral fractures

In a facet fusion, a small incision is made over the affected area of the spine, and a spacer is placed into the facet joint to stabilize it. This stops any nerve compression and helps ease any pain associated with it.

Am I a Candidate for Facet Fusion?

Most of our patients at Alexander Bone & Spine Institute can expect the relief of pain in the weeks and months following this surgery.

Studies show that artificial cervical disc replacement can improve your condition, but does not necessarily completely eliminate pain. Before your surgery, it is important to discuss your condition with your doctor.

If you’d like to find out more about a cervical disc replacement or have questions about your condition and possible treatment, make an appointment with Dr. Alexander today!

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