A foraminotomy is a surgical procedure that expands the intervertebral foramina to relieve pressure and pain on the spinal nerves affected. Foramina are the openings in each vertebra through which the spinal cord, artery and other nerves pass.

Is a Foraminotomy Right for Me?

The natural process of aging, injury or excessive wear-and-tear can also be contributing factors to your condition.

If your condition has not improved with more conservative treatments, you should talk with your doctor about a foraminotomy procedure to help relieve your symptoms.

The minimally-invasive, endoscopic approach to a foraminotomy allows for Dr. Alexander to remove a small amount of bone in the foramina, which in turn relieves pressure on nerves and other spinal structures. If necessary, Dr. Alexander may perform other surgical procedures alongside the foraminotomy, if there are any other conditions that might also cause excessive nerve compression.

Am I Candidate for a Foraminotomy?

A foraminotomy helps to relieve pressure on nerves and blood vessels in the spine, which helps to provide our patients with relief from pain, numbness, and other symptoms.

All surgeries come with some kind of risk, so talk with your specialist first about more conservative treatments for your condition. If you are suffering from chronic pain and discomfort, however, and non-surgical treatments have not provided relief, you may want to discuss a foraminotomy with your doctor.

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