A laminoforaminotomy is a surgical procedure that expands space in the spine by removing parts of the lamina and foramina parts of the vertebrae, relieving pressure on the spinal nerves and other spinal structures.

Foramina are the vertebral openings through which our spinal cord and other nerves pass. The lamina form the back side or “roof” of the spine.

Is Laminoforaminotomy Right for Me?

There are several spinal conditions that you might experience that can cause changes in your spine, the most common being herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc complications, facet joint syndrome, and spondylosis. Aging and injury can also affect your condition.

Talk with your doctor or make an appointment with Dr. Alexander about a laminoforaminotomy procedure if you have the following symptoms:

• Radiating pain, or pain that lasts longer than a few months
• Limited mobility in the neck or back
• Weakness, tingling or numbness in the extremities

This procedure allows for the spinal surgeon to remove a small portion of the bone in the spinal foramina and lamina. This relieves pressure on nerves and other spinal structures, and if necessary your doctor may perform other surgical procedures alongside the laminoforaminotomy to treat any other spinal issues you may be experiencing.

Am I Candidate for Laminoforaminotomy?

A laminoforaminotomy provides relief on your spinal nerves and other spinal structures, which can relieve pain and numbness. We use an endoscopic approach at Alexander Bone and Spine Institute as an outpatient procedure, with our patients able to leave the same day as their procedure.

You should first consider more conservative treatments for your condition before going through surgery. If your condition worsens despite non-surgical treatments, you may want to consult with your doctor.

Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your condition with Dr. Alexander and Alexander Bone and Spine Institute. We look forward to helping you.

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