A rhizotomy is a minimally invasive treatment that helps relieve chronic back and neck pain.

The rhizotomy treatment interrupts the pain signal that results from nerves around the facet joints of the spine. Spinal pain is relieved in patients by deadening a small section of nerve fibers.

Is a Rhizotomy Right for Me?

Rhizotomies are often performed after other kinds of treatment have not been effective. Usually, facet injections are typically given to a patient before a rhizotomy is considered. These injections can provide helpful information for your doctor, and successful facet injections may indicate that you could benefit from a rhizotomy.

During the rhizotomy treatment, an electrode is passed through the skin to the nerves that surround the facet joint. A radiofrequency current is then applied, which deadens the nerves causing pain.

Am I a Candidate for a Rhizotomy?

If you have explored conservative treatments for your spinal pain, and have used facet injections to treat your condition without relief, you might discuss a rhizotomy procedure with your doctor.

The rhizotomy procedure has been successful in relieving chronic back pain and muscle spasms in our patients at Alexander Bone and Spine Institute.

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