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Since summer has arrived, along with warmer temperatures and longer days, Americans are spending an ample amount of time outdoors and conducting plenty of activities. However, if you are suffering from back pain, seasonal factors can trigger severe pain and possibly worsen the condition if not careful.

For example, summer heat can actually make back pain worse. In addition to hotter temperatures, changes in the barometric pressure and humidity levels may also result in heightened levels of pain.

Summer activities which may aggravate your back pain include:

  • Traveling. Summer is the time for vacations, meaning sitting in a car or on a plane for extended periods of time. Sitting down for that long can be very hard on your neck and back. However, there are some helpful ways to travel relatively pain-free.
  • Amusement parks. While it’s fun for the whole family and friends, going to these type of places requires hours of walking and standing in line. It’s imperative to take frequent breaks to sit and rest whenever you get a chance. Another helpful solution is stretching out your back and legs every so often.
  • Going to a sports event. Whether it’s a professional game or your child’s competition, you’ll likely be sitting for hours on uncomfortable stadium seats or bleachers that don’t offer back support. If permitted, bring your own seating or seat cushion that provides adequate support to your lower back while sitting.
  • Gardening. From digging to harvesting fruits and vegetables, this can lead to severe muscle stress and improper posture, which contribute to back pain. Stretch before gardening, practice adequate lifting techniques, and take frequent breaks to avoid this kind of pain.

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