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Do you work in an office setting? The office chair and the desk are the reason many of us suffer from back pain while at work. Many of these items are not engineered to be comfortable or ergonomic. Also, sitting for an extended period of time in such a stationary position only adds stress to the muscles. These include the shoulders, your back, legs, and arms; this also places pressure on the discs in the spine as well as the back muscles.

Is Poor Posture to Blame?

Our body’s natural tendency is to slump or slouch over in our chair, especially when we have been sitting in the same spot for some time. Over time, this can be harmful to the ligaments of the spine, the discs, as well as the other support systems in the spine. Bad posture is largely to blame for gradually causing damage to the spine.

Here are some other common causes that lead to back pain:

  • Slouching in the office chair
  • Staying put in the chair for most of the day, and forgetting to get up and move
  • Holding the telephone between the shoulder and the ear

Suffice to say, office workers are the ones most likely to be afflicted with chronic back pain than many other positions for these very reasons. Fortunately, there is a way to remedy this. We cannot recommend enough the importance of good posture and ergonomic stability in the workplace.

How to Relieve Pressure and Pain

Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, the methods for alleviating pain will be different. If you are experiencing lower back pain, it could be that your posture is placing pressure on the discs located there. Consider placing a towel or pillow to add an extra bit of support. Move around and stretch frequently if you notice your shoulders begin to feel tight.

Try asking y our employer if they can provide items such as back support pillows, ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mice, and other equipment. If not, consider investing in these items. It will only serve to preserve our health, prevent the muscles from weakening, and becoming more susceptible to injury.

If you have any questions about our services and want to find relief for your back pain pressure, please contact Alexander Bone and Spine Institute for an appointment today! We provide high-quality patient care to Miami and the Ft. Lauderdale areas.